Rent an ebike and visit San Marino territory

Rent an e-bike and entrust an expert mountain bike guide (emtb) who will accompany you through the best routes of the Republic of San Marino selected on the basis of difficulty, time available and desire for fun.

We are a young start-up in the field of tourist services, specialized in pedal assisted mountain bikes. Unique to operate in a structured manner in the San Marino area, we offer complementary services and accessories to build a 360-degree tourist offer.

We organize complementary guided tours in the historic center of San Marino and trekking in its nine Castles. Finally, there will be the possibility of stops to appreciate the surrounding area, enjoy nature and local flavors.

Trust in those who live in the area daily and can convey their emotions. All this is “eBike Experience”

Ebikexperience is not just about cycling. We offer a complete range of services to visit San Marino at 360 degrees. Discover the activities we can offer you, book and pack your bags!

Pedaling a eBike means to be free

Here are at least three good reasons to rent a mountain bike with assisted pedaling.
Book your emtb now and enjoy the fun !!!


Our eBike guarantee up to 70 km of battery life and for recharging, no problem, just a simple plug.

It’s time to hire your eBike, tackle new routes and get to places where you would never have dared. Choose Ebike Experience: you will always have a bike model tested, high performance and guaranteed maintenance.

And we can also deliver you the eBike directly to the hotel.



Cycling in San Marino, without difficulty and in contact with history and nature, is good for your body and your mind.

Take a moment to detach from everyday life, dedicate to yourself and regain your balance.

With our eBike proposal you can live an active experience in discovering enchanting landscapes, to ride with the whole family or with a group of friends.


Exploring the Republic of San Marino from today is simple, like riding a bike. Indeed, even better.

Thanks to the assisted pedaling system of our e-bikes, you can pedal just as if you were using a normal bike, but you do a lot less effort.

Our eBikes are suitable for every need, from the simple tour to the trail a bit more challenging.

The Nine Castles of the Republic

Discover each of the routes proposed for the Republic of San Marino and choose our services!

Avventura nei Calanchi

Percorso N.1
Domagnano | Faetano | Serravalle

B&B Antica Bifora San Marino

Contrada Omagnano n. 15, Città di San Marino

Costeggiando i confini… e il Rio San Marino !

Percorso N.3
Borgo Maggiore | Acquaviva | Chiesanuova | Fiorentino

Fino al confine… e ritorno !!

Percorso N.5
Borgo Maggiore | Acquaviva

Garden Village San Marino

Strada San Michele, 50

Grand Hotel San Marino

Viale Antonio Onofri, 31

Hotel Rossi San Marino

Via 25 Marzo, 13 - Domagnano

I parchi di San Marino – itinerario breve

Percorso N.2
Domagnano | Serravalle

iDesign Hotel San Marino

Via del Serrone, 124

Inizia bene… Finisce meglio !

Percorso N.7
Borgo Maggiore | Faetano | Montegiardino | Fiorentino

La Grotta Hotel San Marino

Contrada Santa Croce, 17

Modà Antica Dimora San Marino

Via Del Dragone 18 - Montegiardino

Montecchio, le cascatelle e i mulini di Canepa

Trekking N.2
Montecchio, le cascatelle e i mulini di Canepa

Palace Hotel San Marino

Via Cinque Febbraio

Percorso Unesco

Castelli: Borgo Maggiore / San Marino

Route n.1

Castelli: Domagnano / Faetano / Serravalle

Route n.2

Domagnano | Serravalle

Route n.3

Castelli: Borgo Maggiore / Acquaviva / Fiorentino / Chiesanuova

Route n.4

Castelli: Faetano / Domagnano / Borgo Maggiore

Route n.5

Castelli: Borgo Maggiore / Acquaviva

Route n.6

Castelli: Fiorentino / Montegiardino / Faetano

Route Unesco- Discover San Marino heritage

Castelli: Borgo Maggiore / San Marino

Salite e Discese… il nostro elemento !

Percorso N.6
Borgo Maggiore | Fiorentino | Montegiardino | Faetano

San Marino a 360 gradi

Sentieri del Parco di Montecerreto

Trekking N.1
Sentieri del Parco di Montecerreto

Sentiero del Castellaccio

Trekking N.3
Sentiero del Castellaccio

Sentiero della Rupe del Monte Titano

Trekking N.6
Sentiero della Rupe del Monte Titano

Sentiero della Vecchia Ferrovia e Laiala

Trekking N.4
Sentiero della Vecchia Ferrovia e Laiala

Sentiero delle Coste di Montegiardino

Trekking N.5
Sentiero delle Coste di Montegiardino

Sterrato, pane per le nostre ebike !

Percorso N.4
Faetano | Domagnano | Borgo Maggiore

Titano Hotel San Marino

Contrada del Collegio, 31

What services do we offer

Accompanying and tour guide, ebike rental, trekking and all complementary services.

  • Ebike Rental

    We choose to rely on the brand CANNONDALE and its last full suspended ebike the MOTERRA NEO. We are sure this powerful bike will give you the best experiences, and you will be able to rent it even with an instructor included. If you want to enjoy your activity to the fullest and have the time of your life, this is the ebike experience we recommend.

  • Guide / Instructor

    Rely on our guide / authorized instructor who can guide you on the itinerary you have chosen and give you advise based on your own experience. Moreover, with a guide/instructor you will not risk getting lost and will enjoy your activity to the fullest, without wasting time consultings maps or understanding which way to follow. Finally,but not less important, you will have a fully experienced person by your side, able to to guide you along the way and help you in every situation.

  • Bike Hotel

    Thanks to the collaboration with our  partner San Marino Cyclingspecialized in cycling hospitality we are able to comply to every request of cyclers, mountain bikers and cycle-tourists. Landscape, sport and touristic itineraries, nature and culinary traditions are the main ingredients of San Marino Cycling. Get to know our itineraries and, if you need to, rend an ebike to dive in this amazing experience.

  • Receptivity

    Thanks to the collaboration with our partner San Marino 2000, which includes tourist San Marino such as hotel, restaurants and transportation, we will allow you to built your own ideal vacation, to have fun in total freedom. We will create an experience suited to you and give us and unforgettable experience.

  • Attività Extra

    Grazie alla collaborazione con il nostro partner San Marino Trekking che si pone come obiettivo quello di stimolare la crescita del turismo attivo e sostenibile nella Repubblica di San Marino, possiamo organizzare attività tra le più varie: culturali, naturalistiche, sportive ed enogastronomiche. Avrete la possibilità di  riscoprire i luoghi più belli, incontaminati e sconosciuti della più antica Repubblica del mondo, usufruendo di percorsi non canonici e dell’accompagnamento di guide storico-escursionistiche autorizzate.

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tasto WALK bosch ebike cannondale moterra san marino bike experience MTB pedalata assistitaMarco Rossi

Il tasto WALK delle nostre ebike

      Il tasto WALK Può accadere che, durante i nostri trail più avventurosi, ci si imbatta in salite ardue o comunque con un fondo non ideale. La ruota posteriore perde il grip a causa del fondo bagnato, in…
Urban Game - Il Tesoro di Garibaldi, San Marino, turismo attivo, Outdoor, attività turistiche in centro storico, caccia al tesoroSir Fun

7 settembre
Urban Game – Il Tesoro di Garibaldi

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Trekking al Tramonto sul Confine InsanguinatoAndrea Severi

17 Maggio
Trekking al Tramonto sul Confine Insanguinato

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visita guidata del centro storicoMarco Rossi

Guida Turistica – Visita Guidata del Centro Storico

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25 Aprile
Visita Guidata del Centro Storico

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Trekking Notturno ai Confini SammarinesiAndrea Severi

26 Aprile
Trekking Notturno ai Confini Sammarinesi

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san marino ebike experience ebikexperienceMarco Rossi

Inaugurazione eBike Experience

Si chiama “Ebike experience” la nuova proposta di San Marino dedicata agli amanti dell'escursionismo grazie alla quale sarà possibile noleggiare un ebike ed essere affiancati da un esperto per scoprire i percorsi naturalistici del Titano.…
Montecchio cascatelle mulini canepa Trekking San Marino outdoorAndrea Severi

1 Maggio
Trekking alle Cascatelle e Mulini di Canepa

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What else do you still need to know

The Republic of San Marino is a concentration of cultural, naturalistic, historical, tourist and entertainment activities in an area of ​​60 square kilometers. In our Bike / Info Point you can find information on events and tourist tips and book rental activities and accompanying ebike, excursions and trekking organization, guided tours of the UNESCO heritage, tastings of typical local products and artistic handicrafts of the territory. If these were not enough, connected to the official portal of the Republic of San Marino and discover all the initiatives made available to tourists to fascinate you and make an indelible memory in a territory unique in the world.

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